Are you considering joining our congregation? Please let us know if you would like to participate in a prospective member orientation. During these sessions, our minister typically will discuss the key tenets of our faith, its history, and the responsibilities and benefits of becoming a member of our congregation.  A light lunch will be served and child care will be arranged if you inform us in advance.  Once one completes the session, one may “sign the book" to become a member.  Our Standing Committee will then vote in order to formalize the membership.

If you have any questions, please contact the Welcoming Committee

Becoming a member means committing to forming long-term connections and engaging in the future of our congregation.  There is no required amount of time between first visit and officially joining the congregation, which ones does by signing the membership book: some people take the step after a month, others wait a year or longer.   It is a very personal decision; however, it is a step that is far more rewarding than many regular visitors expect, a transformation from “them” to “us.”  

What do we expect from our members?  It can be summarized as “time, talents and treasure.”   It takes time to attend Sunday services, participate in events, and serve on committees, but this is key to getting to know other members and understanding our goals.  Each of us is blessed with talents and we hope you will share yours with our community; you might consider teaching in our Religious Education (RE) Program, singing in the Choir, helping with Social Hour or ushering, or participating in a Social Justice initiative.   And since our congregation is self-supporting, with a fine staff and magnificent building to maintain, we ask that every member contribute “treasure” for its support; we have an annual Stewardship drive, during which members are asked to make a financial pledge.

These expectations are not set in stone; your contributions to the community may vary by life stage and circumstances.   We thrive when every member approaches their commitment with a generous attitude, sharing their efforts and resources as they are able.