Camp Starfish Youth Service Weekend Information

Sleeping/ Food

We will be staying in cabins at Camp Starfish.  Housing assignments will be decided after we have a complete list of participants.  Food will be provided.

Paperwork/ Cost

The cost of the Camp Starfish excursion is $50 for overnighters and $20 for day-trippers.  Checks should be made out to UUSWH with “Camp Starfish Service Weekend" on the memo line.  Financial assistance is available; click HERE to request help.

All participating youth and their parents/guardians must complete the covenant below and must submit the RE release form which can be found HERE.  

Please note on your form if your youth takes regular medication and if they will be self administering or if you would prefer an adult to handle and distribute all medicine.  Phone numbers of all adult chaperones will be available before we depart for Camp Starfish. 

Packing List 

We suggest you bring old clothes for the work projects as they may get dirty, torn, or painted on.  Be prepared for a range of weather.  Daytime temps should be in the 60’s-70’s, but may be cooler if it rains.  Nights are likely to be chilly.  Please bring only one bag for clothes, etc. and one bag for all bedding.  Please label everything you bring!

Clothing (in addition to what you are wearing):

  •  1 top
  • 1 pair long pants (1 wind/water proof if possible)
  • 1 pair shorts/capris/skirts
  • 2 pairs socks (1 wool pairs for use in boots)
  • 1 underwear
  • Sleepwear (group overnight casual/WARM!)/light slippers


  • Raincoat (depending upon forecast)
  • Fleece jacket (or waterproof jacket if your raincoat can’t go over your fleece)
  • Warm hat/gloves/scarf for cool mornings and evenings
  • Extra pair shoes: preferably waterproof hiking/mud boots and sneakers.  (If you don’t have boots, bring a second pair of shoes in case your sneakers get wet!)
  • Flip flops or other shoes (crocs) that can get wet in shower


  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush/comb, shampoo/conditioner, towel, washcloth
  • Soap or body wash
  • Other personal toiletries, including deodorant
  • Personal medications (discuss with Suzanne Pettit)


  • Warm sleeping bag  & small pillow/pillowcase
  • 1-2 fleece blankets to use inside or on top of bag

Other Miscellaneous:

  • Flashlight/headlamp and extra batteries
  •  Cap with visor and sunglasses
  •  Bug repellant, sun screen and lip balm
  • Large plastic bag or laundry bag for dirty/wet laundry
  • Work gloves


  • hammer – labeled with your name
  • Camera
  • Cell phone/charger/IPOD
  • Guitar or other musical instrument
  • Games and sports equipment


While much of the covenant uses broad language, some aspects are very specific to ensure clear expectations.  Failure to abide by the covenant will ultimately be addressed by the RE Director in consultation with the adult chaperones.  Consequences for minor infractions could include a conversation, but serious infractions could include not being able to participate in future service trips and being sent home.  While we do not anticipate violations of this covenant, it is important to know that youth and adults will be held accountable for their actions.  The covenant still leaves great freedom and opportunities for exploration during “off hours” and we hope the youth will take advantage of the opportunities available to them.


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