The UU Wellesley Capital Campaign is in its final phase as the focus has now shifted to collecting pledges.  After a generous congregational response to the Spring 2015 solicitation, the results are visible!   The re-engineered parking lot will prevent a repeat of the flash flood that rendered much space unusable in 2013, and numerous essential repairs and upgrades were accomplished with the pledges and gifts to the campaign.  Indeed, with costs apparently well under control and additional gifts coming in, the congregation is revisiting a wish-list of non-core projects.   

Goals of the Campaign
The Capital Campaign, called “ReNEWal …. together”, was our generation’s opportunity to shape our campus for both current and future programming .  Earlier campaigns, including “Legacy” of 20 years ago, ensured that our community has ample space.  This campaign, as the name suggests, had a threefold purpose:

•          to renew what was damaged or substandard
•          to create new spaces through reconfiguration
•          to use the process to foster a sense of shared purpose.

Building and site projects have included:

•          Improving our site, particularly the parking lot, to prevent future flooding
•          Restoring the Sharp Room and other basement spaces
•          Expanding basement bathrooms for comfort and accessibility
•          Creating a multi-purpose room out of a former preschool classroom
•          Fixing the leak-damaged Sr. Youth loft
•          Adding energy efficiency, including new windows for Parish Hall
•          Gutting Rice House to address structural, systems, and restroom problems
•          Improving the comfort of the Sanctuary with new pew cushions.

The success of the Capital Campaign is evidence that we achieved the goal of fostering a sense of shared purpose.  In addition to financial contributions, members have offered a great deal of time to the campaign, through planning, communications, canvassing, and running events.  

Please click HERE to make an online donation to the campaign.