After many months of meetings, the Building Assessment Committee has prepared several scenarios for our facilities and shared them with the congregation at a Quarterly Conversation meeting.  There has been significant professional input, including from our architect and from a civil engineering firm (with a second engineering firm engaged to provide additional recommendations for our site). 

In summary, the project can be broken down into five "pieces."

The first is called the base project that addresses the damage caused by the flood over a year ago, work needed to our building and site to prevent future flooding, and deferred maintenance. Although these descriptions don't ring with excitement, the completion of this base project will see many significant upgrades and improvements. To name just a few: restoring our flood damaged areas to a better fit and finish than before, a more sound and weather-tight building, new windows where needed and "green" improvements throughout, new bathroom facilities, technology upgrades, and much needed repairs and enhancements to Rice House. More detail is provided in the attached slides.

The total estimated cost of the base project is $1.270m.

The next three projects are the "wants" we have for our facility that would significantly enhance comfort, function, and aesthetics. These projects are: upgrades to the sanctuary, reconfiguring the back entrance and building a new internal stairway to the second floor, and remodeling the kitchen. The estimated cost of these projects is $100k, $80k, and$100k respectively. Again, more detail is available on the attached slides.

The fifth piece creates a contingency fund. As needed, these monies will be used to cover unexpected costs over the course of the project, and any remaining monies will fund a reserve for future maintenance needs. The amount for this piece is $100k.

In total, the estimated cost to complete all five pieces is $1.65 million.

So, what happens next? Now that our overall project is defined, we need to gain an understanding of our congregation's ability to raise the needed capital. To help us with this, our consultant for the Capital Campaign will be here January 11-13 to interview a cross section of members of our congregation and assess the feasibility of our targeted fundraising goal.

Also, in accordance with our bylaws, we will call a meeting of our congregation to vote on the project and approve proceeding with the Capital Campaign in the spring of 2015. This meeting will take place in late January or February.