Please click on the links below for information about the wide variety of UU Wellesley Hills committees and activities.  Visit our Get Involved page to learn more.

Standing Committee:  Chair, Elaine Mittell
Members:  Kathy Coolidge (Vice-Chair), Lelia Elliston, Nancy Fenstemacher (Clerk), Andy Kemper, Karen Mariscal, Lise Olney (Past Chair), Karen Quigley, Betsy Taylor (Treasurer)

Finance Committee: Betsy Taylor
Endowment:  Doug Poutasse
Planned Giving Circle:  Kathy Kaufmann
Personnel Committee:  Lise Olney
Nominating Committee: Frank McGrath (Chair), Kathy Kaufmann, Eric Pierce, Peter Stoner

House and Grounds:  Jim McLaren
Website: Jim Lillie
Welcoming:  Jessica Srinivas
Worship and Music:  Karen Quigley

Social Justice
Advocacy & Witness Interest Group:  (rotating) Contact Maureen McCaffrey for information  
Bristol Lodge Ministry Team:  Barbara Reynolds
Family Promise Ministry Team:  Molly Walsh
Green Sanctuary Ministry Team: Irene Flint
LGBT Interest Group:  Kathy Kaufmann
UU Partners Ministry Team:  Doug Poutasse

Camp Starfish initiative:  Karen Mariscal
Undecorate the Tree initiative:  Tricia Johnson

Lifespan Learning
Religious Education Parent Group:  Jessica Srinivas, Susan Geiser
UU Learning Community:  Naomi Cameron

Caring Community: Contact Cyra Coady for information
Sunday Volunteers: Marianne Laffitte, Sheila Boyle
Rummage Sale:  
Spring Carnival:  Jessica Srinivas