A great deal of work has been accomplished over three years' time with just over a million dollars, through generous Capital Campaign donations and the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

September 1 was the three-year anniversary of the monster flood that destroyed the basement of the Parish Hall building.  It also marks the three-year anniversary of work by our Building Assessment Committee (BAC).

While it is rewarding to look at refurbished and rehabbed spaces, new bathrooms, new windows, fresh finishes and furnishings, we cannot forget the most important first part of this project:  protecting our facility from future flooding.  The flooding protection needed to be achieved before we repaired the damage.  During another heavy storm less than a year after the big one, the problem was witnessed and recorded as water flowed into our property from a flooded Washington Street. 

After considerable engineering, now there is a slight rise (one foot) to our entrance to hold back water from the street, 100 water retention galleys (each a 4' cube) capable of holding 6,400 cubic feet of water, buried in very permeable sandy soil under our parking lot, and a new routing of our storm water drainage.  

With the flooding issues resolved, Rice House renovations completed, and the basement under Parish Hall also finished, our committee has been working on both deferred maintenance and new maintenance issues.  Masonry and painting companies had lifts onsite for a few weeks this summer as we try to finish all exterior issues to make the buildings solid and beautiful again.  In these last three years, new issues, both inside and out, have shown up that also needed attention.   While most of the work we are able to do with the available funding is almost done, there are a few finishing touches that we hope to complete soon. 

While much has been accomplished, there is more that we had hoped to do!   All of our committee members are working on some remaining projects, while other projects - the eyebrow window replacement, upgrades in the kitchen, carpet replacement, etc. - will have to wait for new funding.