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Click HERE to watch a former Family Promise guest in the Wellesley pulpit on 4/8/18. Jackie offered a moving testimonial about the difference that our hosting efforts made for her family on their journey out of homelessness.

Our Family Promise Ministry Team coordinates our efforts to address the needs of homeless families as part of the Family Promise Metrowest (FPM) network.

We periodically shelter homeless families in upstairs classrooms for one week at a time. The classrooms are converted into bedrooms for our guests, usually with the help of children and youth who strive to make them as welcoming as possible.  Volunteers help with set up and break down of our “bedrooms,” shopping for breakfast foods and sundries, making and serving dinner or dessert, and providing on-site overnight coverage.  While congregations like ours provide facilities and volunteers to house families, the FPM staff operates a day center which is “home base” for the families and provides supportive case management services to help parents reach their goal of obtaining permanent housing. FPM directs some of its resources to providing transitional housing, enabling parents to move their children into an apartment and complete longer-term educational and job readiness programs so that they can achieve financial stability.  Our Metrowest network is one of over 200 that operate nation-wide.

As the result of our hosting experience, volunteers are able to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges confronting homeless families. Hosting weeks for the current church year will begin on 10/7/18 and 5/19/19.  If you have questions about volunteering, please contact our UU Wellesley Hills FPM Coordinator HERE.