Volunteer Opportunities

The RE program at UU Wellesley Hills deeply values the contributions of our wonderful volunteers. We run on a cooperative model, where parents and other community members teach our RE classes and help to run events. Here are some ways you can get involved in our program. For more information, click HERE

Teach a Class

We are always looking for new teachers and substitutes for our RE classes! You can sign up to volunteer with K-4, Junior Youth Group (grades 5 to 8), or Senior Youth Group (grades 9 to 12).

Volunteer in the Nursery

A great way to get involved is by volunteering in our nursery! Partner with our teen childcare workers to make sure our littlest participants have a great time. Being a nursery volunteer is very low-commitment; you can sign up for as little as one Sunday a year, or as many Sundays as you like. 

Plan a Social Night

Once a month, our Junior and Senior Youth Groups get together for Friday night social activities, which offer a great chance for them to build community outside of church. These fun-filled events are planned and coordinated by our amazing parent volunteers. If you think you might like to coordinate a social night, please get in touch! We have suggested activities and resources to make the process as easy as possible. 

Join the Parents’ Group

The RE Parents’ Group meets three times a year, in fall, winter, and spring, to review the overall RE program and discuss suggestions for improvement. We would love to hear your ideas!  

RE Registration

Register for RE HERE! If you are a new family, you are welcome to register at any time during the church year.