Each Unitarian Universalist congregation is organized and directed by its voting members, who create and approve a set of bylaws governing its operation. You are invited to read a complete set of our most recent bylaws, which were revised and approved by the congregation in June of 2016.

At UU Wellesley Hills, we meet formally at least once a year, usually in June, to approve an operating budget and vote on issues of significance to the congregation. At this annual meeting, we also elect members of our Standing Committee (as we call our Board of Directors), which governs church operations on our behalf.  Standing Committee in turn chooses a Chair from among its membership. Committee members each serve a three-year term, with one third of the committee being elected each year. We also elect a Clerk, who is the official recorder for our congregation, a Treasurer, and an Auditor, who serve one-year terms, and two people for the four-member Nominating Committee, who serve two-year terms.  The Nominating Committee suggests a slate of candidates for each position, but other nominations are welcome and can be made according our bylaws.

You can reach the current Chair of our Standing Committee to raise any questions or concerns by calling or emailing the church office HERE.