UU Wellesley Hills 2018 Monstrously Mysterious Maze

Rescheduled to October 31

1:00-3:00PM: Monstrously Mysterious Maze (ages 0-8)
After the Wellesley Hills Halloween Stroll, continue the fun in our maze and then stop by our treat table to recharge. Donations are welcome and appreciated! Your contribution will provide funds for youth programming and social justice initiatives.

Haunted House.jpg


Is the Haunted House chaperoned? Yes, adults are on site throughout the "Monstrously Mysterious Maze" and “Haunted Hallway."

Is there an age restriction? The "Monstrously Mysterious Maze" is appropriate forages 0-8, but the “Haunted Hallway” is appropriate for teens and tweens only.

How scary is it? The "Monstrously Mysterious Maze" is appropriate for ages 0-8. The “Haunted Hallway” is designed for teens and tweens. Participants can specify if they want to a level 1, 2 or 3 walk-through (each level is progressively scarier).

Where are you located? UU Wellesley Hills is the large stone church located near the intersection of Rt. 16 and Rt. 9 in Wellesley Hills near the large clock tower. The "Monstrously Mysterious Maze" will be set-up on the lawn in front of the building. Entrance to the "Haunted Hallway" event will be at the Washington Street entrance, through the door at the top of the stone stairs.

Where do I park? Ample parking is available in our parking lot, as well as on Washington Street.

Should my children / youth come in costume? Attendees are welcome to come in costume or not, as they choose. Attendees wearing a mask will be asked to temporarily remove it at check in so that we can confirm the attendee is actually a child or youth.

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