Special Notes

Notes for the regular church year (September 10 - June 17): We will have Fellowship Hour in Parish Hall following the worship service. Team Leader, please bring milk and half-and-half, veggies/dip and fruit. Ushers, please bring baked items – 2 1/2 to 3 dozen of assorted baked items each (total 5 to 6 dozen). Church staff will supply cheese and crackers. Fernando will set up Fellowship Hour; Team Leaders and Ushers, please plan to stay until 12:45 for clean-up, including washing/putting away dishes.

Special note on food:  We have members of the congregation with special dietary issues, and gluten free and soy free options are always appreciated.  There are laminated labels for gluten free and soy free for your use.  In any event, please bring a list of ingredients (if you bake) or the ingredients label from the box (if you purchase).

  • Attention Ushers and Team Leader: The Ushers are responsible for putting the collection in the robing room closet, locking that door, and turning off lights in the Sanctuary. The Team Leader should lock the Sanctuary doors each Sunday after services, and lock any open church doors before leaving at 12:45. Thank you for your help.

  • The Sunday Volunteer Schedule is posted below. If you have a schedule conflict, please find a replacement: you can find the roster of volunteers, with contact information, just below. Please inform Sheila Boyle of any changes so that she can update the schedule.


Sunday Morning Flowers

Giving flowers is easy. You may bring flowers from home, from a road side stand, or the grocery store; just have them in the Sanctuary by 10am on Sunday morning. If one prefers to have flowers delivered, please call Posies at 781-237-9669 and provide them with your personal credit card. See the Sunday Volunteer Schedule above to find out who is scheduled to bring flowers.  Contact the church office HERE if you would like to be added to the schedule.