In the Interim: Reverend Terry Sweetser

Thank you for so graciously welcoming me to your wonderful congregation! I’ve been struck by the many successes you have to celebrate: integrating Mick into congregational life; completing an ambitious capital campaign; making the vision of that campaign a reality; giving a heartfelt farewell to Sara; finding an Interim Minister and Music Director; and above all maintaining this precious community.

Still, it amounts to a lot of change and change is stressful. It stresses us out because we aren’t sure what to expect anymore, because we grieve the loss of people and programs we cherished and because we don’t know what the future holds. It’s hard to come in the door, see things are different and wonder why you didn’t get the memo.

We will have some ups and downs. Mistakes will be made and many of them will be made by me. No matter how hard we try to be transparent, there will be surprises and as we all know surprised folks can get a bit annoyed. But through it all if we can maintain our basic faith in humanity, cultivate our senses of humor and laugh together, this congregation will thrive into the future.

Please come to services. Remember we will be trying some new elements and switching some around. It will be amazing (and sometimes annoying)! Oh, and for future reference this is the memo.

May those of us who are blessed, bless the world.