In the Interim: Reverend Terry Sweetser

“The Greatest Show in Church” - what a way to start the new year! We were thrilled by Acrobat Morgan from the Boston Circus Guild who taught and told us about what it takes to overcome the tyranny of fear. Morgan explained that when her dancing career tanked, she upped her game by switching to circus acrobatics and flying. Morgan’s motto is, "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go."-Rumi. To see this inspiring young woman “bring it” in our sanctuary click here

Thinking about how Morgan moved on from her dancing career made me wonder how we can move on from our disappointments of 2016. Reverend Robbie Walsh has this advice “The meaning of a life is not contained within one act, or one day, or one year. As long as you are alive the story of your life is still being told, and the meaning is still open. As long as there is life in the world, the story of the world is still being told. What is done is done, but nothing is settled.

“And if nothing is settled, then everything matters. Every choice, every act in the new year matters. Every word, every deed is making the meaning of your life and telling the story of the world. Everything matters in the year coming, and, more importantly, everything matters today.”

I love that phrase, “What’s done is done, but nothing is settled.” It’s prophetic in the sense that prophecy should wake us up to the truths that surround us. Morgan’s dancing might be done, but nothing was settled about her future. To move on she had to wake up to the reality that everything matters now. The presidential election is done, but nothing is settled about the future of our democracy. We must wake up to the reality that everything matters now.

For Sunday Worship we use a thematic approach. This year we are focusing on the precious gift of our UUSWH community. Within it, we find values and questions rarely encountered elsewhere in our lives. What do we find when we gather? And what can we share with the world? Each month we will explore a different aspect of building and fortifying people and possibilities in this beloved community.

September: Covenant
October: Healing
November: Story
December: Presence
January: Prophecy
February: Identity
March: Risk
April: Transformation
May: Embodiment
June: Zest

In January we consider what it means to be a community of prophecy. Prophecy is a tocsin, a call to attention and awareness. I believe, and this is my message: to live the lives we wish we could in the just world we dream of, we must be AWAKE. On January 1st  we celebrated the tocsin given by acrobatics and wondered about their power for transforming people and possibilities. "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go."-Rumi

As the month goes on we listen to voices of the Prophets and we recall the deeds of our UU forebears. We call them prophets for their vision and truth. Prophets are not soothsayers, but visionaries. Prophets are called—and call others—to justice, community, and action. They call us to new ways of being human.

See you at worship!