The Ministerial Search Process

Click HERE if you would like to know more about how Unitarian Universalist congregations conduct the Ministerial Search process. We invite you to read the results of our Congregational survey, an important part of the process.

UU Wellesley's Search Committee

Contact a member of our Ministerial Search Committee: David Barnard, Kathy Coolidge (co-chair),  Rachel Cottone, Bill Fenstenmacher, Lisa Markey (co-chair), Vic Polk, and Doug Poutasse

March Update

Although March began with a few truly dark and stormy nights, the Search Committee was able to find many bright moments with our ministerial pre-candidates. We heard some great sermons from neutral pulpits, shared more than a few laughs with the ministers, and had lots of good conversation (some of it by candlelight when the electricity went out).

While the UU Wellesley pre-candidates are all very different people with different strengths and perspectives, we nonetheless heard definite themes. Over and over again, weekend after weekend, we listened to what the ministers had to say about--

  • The beauty of our buildings and grounds ... and the care that obviously went into them
  • The importance of shared ministry
  • The importance of Right Relationship
  • Appreciation for the kindness of the congregation ... with particular gratitude for the notes, thoughts, and gifts that were offered
  • Faith in our ability to grow

As we near the end of the process, we want to take a moment to thank every person in the congregation for supporting the search. Your comments, participation, energy, ideas, and encouragement have been the lifeblood of the search process. We know that we are in it together. UU Wellesley is all of us.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

With best wishes from your Search Committee,
Bill Fenstemacher, David Barnard, Doug Poutasse, Kathy Coolidge, Lisa Markey, Rachel Cottone & Vic Polk