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The music in our worship services spans from traditional organ and choral music to innovative musical offerings at the piano, and includes guest instrumentalists, vocal soloists, and engaging ensembles. With all of our music, we strive to create a connective experience that plays into the overall theme for each Sunday's worship service. Each Sunday we sing congregational hymns and have time for quiet reflection during special musical offerings. It is our hope that through music in worship, you discover another path to spirituality at UU Wellesley.

Below are a number of options for getting involved in our music program.  For more information, please contact Director of Music, Suzanne Cartreine, HERE.

Adult Choir
Choral music is an important part of the worship experience at UU Wellesley. Our Adult Choir sings a broad range of repertoire, drawn from the last eight centuries and representing a variety of cultures, languages, and musical styles. This ensemble is open to all people of high school age and older. All are welcome; no experience is necessary.

Rehearsals are held every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30pm in the Sanctuary. We sing for services three times a month, and on those days will rehearse at 9:15am before the service. 

Youth Choir
Several times a year, the youth of the congregation are invited to provide music for a service, rehearsing the three Sundays prior. Children who sing or play instruments are welcome to share their talents with the congregation.

Sunday Choir
Once a month, the Sunday Choir provides music for a service. We meet for a single rehearsal the day of the service. All are welcome to join in! Absolutely no experience is necessary. The music will be easy to learn in one hour. Please come, and bring your family and friends. Children are welcome too! It is fine to just show up, though it is helpful if you can let Suzie know in advance by clicking HERE

Choir 101
This is an Adult Education class for anyone interested in choral singing. This course will give you a head start (or a refresher) on basic musical terminology and symbols. We will also explore our voices and cover the rudiments of sight-singing in a small, supportive group setting. This course is by no means a requirement for joining the Adult Choir; it is merely offered as a stepping stone for those who wish it. Singers high school age and older are welcome! Please contact Director of Music Suzie Cartreine for more information, or to sign up. 

Choir 101 schedule:  Offered every October and by request.

Not a Singer? 
If you play an instrument and would like to contribute music to a service, please contact Suzie. There are opportunities to play with the choir, and to present solo preludes or meditation music (piano or organ accompaniment available). Your generous sharing of talents will be greatly appreciated.