Over the years UU Wellesley Hills has had a series of outstanding and long-serving ministers, several of whom have performed distinguished service to the wider denomination. James Luther Adams, a distinguished scholar and activist, was our minister for a year before being called to join the faculty at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago. Waitstill Sharp and his wife Martha left Wellesley for Europe in 1939 to help refugees escape during World War II, and helped to build the foundation of what is now called the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.  The Sharps were honored posthumously with the designation "The Righteous Among the Nations."  William Rice was the Chair of the Merger Committee when the Unitarian and Universalist movements merged in 1961. Robert Senghas left Wellesley to become the Executive Director of the UUA in 1974.

At the UU Wellesley Hills 2015 Annual Meeting, former minister, Rev. John Hay Nichols, was officially recognized as Minister Emeritus by a vote of the congregation. We held a ceremony to confer this tribute to Rev. Nichols on November 1, 2015. Click HERE to read about the significance of the Minister Emeritus status on the Unitarian Universalist Association website.

Albert Buell Vorse 1871-1899
John Snyder 1899-1909
William Henry Ramsay 1910-1917
Charles Francis Potter 1918-1919
Walter Samuel Swisher 1920-1933
James Luther Adams 1934-1935
Waitstill Hastings Sharp 1936-1944
William Brooks Rice 1945-1970
Robert E. Senghas 1971-1974
Polly Laughland Guild (interim) 1974-1976
William Jenkins (interim) 1976-1977
John Hay Nichols 1977-2000
David Boyer (interim) 2000-2001
Phyllis B. O'Connell 2001-2009
Stephen B. Cook (interim) 2009-2011
Sara Ascher 2011-2016
Terry Sweetser (interim) 2016-2018