Welcome to the Religious Education program at UU Wellesley Hills. This historic congregation has been serving the greater Wellesley community since 1871, and religious education for children is a proud part of our history. Our programs for youth focus on building values and community, both in the classroom and in the world.

Religious Education at UU Wellesley Hills is values-based: rooted in the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism. We are a faith community united by progressive values. Children and youth explore the history of Unitarian Universalism and world religions, learning not only about theological principles but also the rich cultural heritage that adds beauty and life to our diverse world. Adult volunteers committed to justice and advocacy facilitate age-appropriate projects, activities, and service-learning trips throughout the year. Children learn from an early age that the world is much bigger than themselves and that they have the power to make a positive difference.

Although we take our task seriously, helping our youth to live intentional, balanced lives in a complex and ever-changing world, we seek opportunities for fellowship, laughter, creative expression and building lifelong friendships. Our youth group social nights and lock-ins complement classes and service trips to foster community and personal growth.

Many of us first came to Unitarian Universalism to find a spiritual home for our children. Whether you are third-generation Unitarians or Universalists, exploring new spiritual possibilities, or this is your first-ever time visiting a religious community, your family is welcome here.  Please visit the sidebar menu to learn about our programs for each age group and how you can get involved.

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Religious Education Registration

Register for RE HERE. If you are a new family, you are welcome to register at any time during the church year.