Admit it - you have way too many tools.  Every time you go to the hardware store to buy a washer, your libido takes over.  “Check out that new cordless, web-connected, digital orbital sander!”  Of course, you buy it (and forget the washer . . .)

What to do with the 3 other sanders you’ve only used once in your life?

Have we got a deal for you!  It’s a three-fer: (1) Declutter your workshop/basement/garage; (2) make some money for the church; and (3) get a tax deduction!!

Hand Tools
Garden Tools
Electric Power Tools
Antique Tools

 -    No dust, rust, or dirt.  Clean them up - they fetch a higher price. (For antiques, of course, a little patina, some dings, and decorative rust is appropriate.)
-    The tool must function properly.  If battery powered, make sure the battery is charged and include the charger.
-    Cords of electric tools must be in good condition.
-    NO GAS POWERED TOOLS.  Sorry, we don’t want to blow up the building.
-    If it’s big (table saw, lathe, extension ladder, 50 ton hydraulic press, etc.), take pictures which we can post (rather than hauling the item to the church).

There will be a table manned by one of our tool-savvy members in Parish Hall most Sundays until November 27 to accept your donations. 

 Come on . . . give it up . . . you don’t need 5 hammers now, do you?


What can we add that the Tool Guys haven't already said better? We know that there are still shoeboxes full of jewelry that you loved then, but, alas, don't wear now.

So take another look, and bring good quality jewelry that you really CAN live without to church between now and November 27. There will be a table in Parish Hall and a person who will take your donations. Please let us know if there is a history or special value. We are also hoping for more of those lovely scarves, and gloves! No handbags this time around.