Blessing of the Beasts

Blessing of the Beasts

UU Wellesley Hills worship offers continuity from week to week, but as the church year unfolds we include some variants that reflect the seasons or highlight the work being done by groups in the congregation.   For example:

Water Communion: during the first service of the church year, in September, we contribute water that we collect during our summer travels (to places near and far) to a common bowl, symbolizing our gathering in community.  

Lay-Led Services: with ministerial support and direction, groups such as Social Justice Ministry Teams occasionally plan services to highlight their interests and efforts.

Christmas Eve: an intergenerational service, with carols and retelling of the Christmas story, is held in the early evening.  

Coming of Age: 9th and 10th graders present the credo statements they have developed over the course of a year-long program.

Bridging Ceremony: acknowledgment of graduating high school seniors.

Flower Communionduring our final service in June, participants deposit flowers in a basket and depart for the summer with a different one.

Dedications: as families request, children may be dedicated during the regular Sunday service.  The brief ceremony includes a dab of water, a thorn-free rose, and unison words spoken by the congregation, pledging support to the child and family.