2017-2019 Two Year Stewardship Giving Guide

Our UU Wellesley Standing Committee and Treasurer have determined the monetary size of the challenge ahead.  The pledge revenue needed for next year (FY18) requires an increase of $35,000 to provide appropriate funding for programs, a Building and Grounds repair budget, Search Committee expenses, and staff salary increases.  We can do that if each donor gives an additional $5 per week!   The second year (FY19) increase of $10,000 only requires each of us to give an additional $5 per month in that year.  In comparison to the various ways we spend money, $5 represents a fairly small amount per person.  Some people may elect to follow the per week and per month scheme but change the increase to an affordable pledge for them.   We also understand some people cannot commit this much, which is why others graciously step forward, as they are able, to bridge the gap.  Still other individuals may generously wish to reset their pledged amounts rather than deal with it incrementally.  

The projected budget of $310,000 for FY18 translates into approximately an average of $2,200 per individual or $4,400 per couple. 

If you wish to pay your pledge through electronic debit from your bank account, click HERE.  If you prefer to use a pledge card, for individuals click HERE and for couples click HERE. Please return completed pledge card(s) and any comments and authorization form(s) in a sealed envelope to a Sunday church service or mail them to the church office by April 9th. 

Please contribute to the joy and sense of community, the vitality, promise, action, faith, and learning we find here as those in the storied history of this place have found before us.  Commit to the principles we share, and please give generously to this great congregation!