Sunday Service 10:30AM

CAll to Worship  photo by Jonah, age 7

CAll to Worship
photo by Jonah, age 7

Sunday morning is the time when UU Wellesley Hills pauses from everyday life and comes together as a faith community, filling the pews in the Sanctuary and bringing fellowship into Parish Hall for the after-service Social Hour.  Worship services feed our spirits, our minds, and our senses, with readings, thoughtful sermons, music, and moments of quiet reflection.   Although we come from diverse backgrounds, and hold diverse beliefs, we find encouragement to live according to shared UU Principles of respect, open-mindedness, and justice.  We strive to be family-friendly, providing Child Care for the youngest and including school-age children in the opening portion of the service (before they leave for their Religious Education Program).

Unitarian Universalism is rich in tradition but open to the new; we like to think our services hold something for everyone. For more information about our faith tradition and UU Wellesley Hills, click HERE.

Click HERE to find out what's happening this Sunday.  Please join us!