2019  Stewardship Campaign

A message from Stewardship Campaign Co-chairs Peter Stoner and Tim Fulham:

A new era is about to begin at UU Wellesley! In a few short weeks, our Search Committee will present an offer to a ministerial candidate and we’ll start our journey into the future with a new spiritual leader. That’s why the theme for this year’s Stewardship Campaign is “Attract the Best"!

Your contribution to this year’s Stewardship Campaign is all about building our future – making sure that our Search Committee has the financial resources it needs to appeal to the ministerial candidate who is the best match for our congregation.

We know from our UUA advisors that compensation is among the top three priorities for ministerial candidates looking for a congregation – geographical location and ability to minister to the congregation are the other two. Our Search Committee will need to make a strong offer in order to compete with the many other wonderful congregations that are seeking new ministers just as we are.

Your generous contribution to this year’s Stewardship Campaign will also support our operations – growing our programs around worship, religious education, social justice, sustainability; ensuring that our newly improved facilities and grounds can be maintained; and paying our dedicated staff.

If you pledged for fiscal year 2019 during last year’s campaign, please meet or exceed your pledge. If you did not pledge for 2019, please do so now as generously as you can by clicking on the Pledge Card link below.

Please make your pledge by February 4 (Superbowl Sunday) so the Search Committee can commit to a compensation package for our new minister soon thereafter.

Thank you for stretching to help us reach our Stewardship goal – together we are building a bright future for our congregation!

Below are useful links on Stewardship, how to pledge, and how to donate.  If you have any questions, please contact our Stewardship Co-chairs and our Treasurer HERE.

Pledge form for 2019
Automatic giving
Donate by credit card

Capital Campaign

The UU Wellesley Capital Campaign is winding down. Although it originally arose to address a crisis – basement damage caused by a major flood and the need to mitigate against possible future flooding – we have seen dramatic improvements in our facilities as we completed projects to restore, improve and reconfigure our space in both the main church building and Rice House.  Please contact our office HERE about fulfilling your pledge. 

Planned Giving

As you think about your pledge to support the annual operating budget of UU Wellesley, please remember that there is another, extremely important way to assure the financial health of our faith community. End-of-life gifts designated for our endowment fund help to grow this permanent asset, which provides income, in perpetuity, for church programs. It is a wonderful and easy way to express your gratitude for what the church has contributed to your life. Please consider joining the forty-one individuals who have already included UU Wellesley in their estate plans and are therefore members of the Planned Giving Circle.

If you would like more information please EMAIL us.   

And after you have made your decision to honor the church in this very special way, please let us know of your intentions by filling out the online Planned Giving Circle Form