UU Wellesley Hills, formally and historically known as the Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills (UUSWH), is a faith community that draws seekers from Wellesley and neighboring towns.  While we are often referred to as a “church,” the Society is part of a liberal religious tradition that welcomes people of all backgrounds and faiths, and draws wisdom from diverse sources, including Christianity, Judaism, Humanism, Buddhism, and the lives of exemplary people.  As a community that shares values but not a specific creed, UU Wellesley Hills often appeals to interfaith families and to people who have moved away from their religions of origin.

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Our congregation’s four pillars of engagement are Worship, Religious Education, Social Justice, and Fellowship.  Each offers a path towards understanding our values and role in the world, both personally and in community.  As you explore this website, we hope you’ll see that these pillars strengthen and sustain one another.

Like all Unitarian Universalist congregations, UU Wellesley Hills is self-governing and self-supporting.  We are affiliated with the UU Association in Boston, and have adopted the organization’s principles and purposes, but the character of our community and the work we do together is based on the passions, skills, and bonds of our members.  While we love our traditions, we also look forward to incorporating new ideas and energy as newcomers join our ranks.